The stage was set for the big showdown PRODIGIES up against the mighty iRESPECT!

Tuesday 12 September at 9 pm, Lilydale Court 1 was abuzz with anticipation. Hager’s Prodigies were going for consecutive grand final titles and an enormous support crew were in attendance.

Unfortunately, a slow start was costly, but to their credit fought hard to only lose by single digits.

It was an incredible atmosphere to be part of, seeing half of the VCE cohort, LHS staff, friends and family in attendance supporting the team.

A huge CONGRATULATIONS to Bailey Yelland, Kyle Atherton, Liam Hourihan, Travis Anderson, Nick Pike, Callum Arthur and Jack Van Dreumel on your efforts.

Paul Hager



Thursday 14 September

Lots of big SMILES from students and staff supporting R U OK? Day by wearing a splash of yellow or pj pants 💛 😀

We celebrated the day with the following activities at lunchtime for for a GOLD COIN donation:

🧁 Bake Sale

😊 R U OK? Badges

😽 Face Painting

🌼 A canvas for students to sign, to pledge to check in with their significant people

Our Year 11 and Year 7 Rock Bands collaborated to bring some GREAT music to lift our spirits at lunchtime on the PAC Deck 🎸 🥁 🎶

Learn how to ask at www.ruok.org.au/how-to-ask#RUOKDay2023



The Lilydale High School Chromebook program is separated into two phases:

  • Phase 1      Year 7 to 9 Chromebook Program
  • Phase 2      Year 10 to 12 Chrome/Notebook Program

Purchasing a new device in Year 7 and then again in Year 10 ensures students have a reliable and up-to-date device to support their learning.

Ordering a Chromebook

Lay-by: A $100 lay-by deposit option is available to reserve a device at the payment method window.

Please Note: Chromebooks purchased outside of the school-approved supplier will not include a Chrome Management license. 

  • Chromebooks will require a license to be purchased (currently $65) before connecting to the school’s network.
  • Chromebooks purchased through the school approved portal include the cost of the Chrome Management license. 

The Chromebooks available on the portal are Lilydale High School’s recommended devices.

  • Current Lilydale High School students using iPads can continue to do so.  When it comes time to replace these devices, students are encouraged to purchase a Chromebook. 
  • Up to date Windows 10 and Apple notebooks can currently be used in Years 10 to 12. 
  • iPads and other tablets are no longer recommended devices at Lilydale High School.  When it comes time to replace these devices families are encouraged to purchase a Chromebook through the portal on the school’s website.

What is a Chromebook?

  • Chromebooks are a cost-effective education focused laptop that runs Chrome OS (operating system) designed to utilise with G-Suite For Education. 
  • G-Suite For Education is a collection of productivity tools designed to help students and teachers to collaborate and interact seamlessly and securely across devices.
  • G-Suite includes Mail, Drive, Classroom, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Sites, Calendar.
  • G-Suite For Education is already extensively used by Lilydale High School students and teachers.

Why Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are ideal for use in a school environment because they:

  • enhance student communication and collaboration opportunities.
  • are reliable, automatically kept up to date, with in built virus protection.
  • are designed to be easy to use, have a fast boot time, and quick access to web apps.
  • save work automatically to the cloud.
  • have a proven long battery life.
  • are very durable.


Students are expected to:

  • Bring their device to school with the battery fully charged every day.
  • Ensure that their device is stored securely in their locker when not being used.
  • In class, their device will be used at the discretion of the classroom teacher – students must take their device to every class (unless explicitly told not too), but the class teacher will determine when and how it is used in class.
  • If a student leaves the device at home, the student is responsible for completing all work to the best of their abilities as if a device were present.
  • Devices must ONLY be used for educational purposes. Devices are NOT to be used at recess or lunchtime unless being used in the Library (for VCE students) for educational purposes.
  • Parents, caregivers and students must sign the Acceptable Use Agreement in relation to the use of digital tools and online usage.

Lilydale High School Digital Technology Acceptable Use Agreement