Buses & Transport

Lilydale High School may be accessed via Maroondah Hwy and is within 5 minutes’ walk from Lilydale Railway station. As well, an extensive service of ‘School Contract Buses’ is available to transport students to school.

To be eligible for a School Contract Bus service, the general rule is that students must live more than 4.8km from their nearest secondary school and attend that school.  Students may also access Contract Bus Travel under the following criteria:

  • Students who reside within 4.8 km from their preferred school or any other secondary school will only be able to access the Contract Bus System as a fare paying passenger providing there is seating space available.  Students in this category will be required to demonstrate that they have purchased a half yearly or yearly MYKI as determined by the Department of Transport prior to travel commencing.  A Fare Payer Bus pass will be issued for Terms 1 and 2 only at the start of the year.  Terms 3 and 4 travel will be determined towards the end of Term 2.
  • Please note: This category may not be determined until part way through Term 1.

Parents/Guardians and students are reminded that when travelling on a School Contract Bus, bus passes must be carried at all times. If a student is unable to present their bus pass at the time of travel, they will be refused travel and may have to make other travel arrangements.  Replacement bus passes are available to be ordered from the Main Office at the cost of $5.00.

Bus travel is only for eligible students to convey them to and from home. School Contract Buses are not to be used for travel for extra-curricular activities, part-time jobs or going to friend’s houses. Families need to make their own transport arrangements to convey students to after school activities.

School Bus Program Family Eligibility

School Bus Program – User Guide

Bus Routes to/from Lilydale High School

Bus Routes 2023

Students require a bus pass for the following services unless otherwise indicated.

McKenzie’s School Bus Network

  • Z15 – Badger Creek, Healesville
  • Z16 – Chum Creek, Yarra Glen, Coldstream
  • Z17 – Chum Creek, Healesville
  • Z18 – Steels Creek, Yarra Glen
  • Z19 – Healesville, Badger Creek, Gruyere
  • Z20 – Healesville, Gruyere, Coldstream
  • Z21 – Healesville, Castella, Toolangi
  • Z22 – Yarra Glen
  • Z24  – Myki required only – Healesville, Yarra Glen, Coldstream
  • Z30  – Myki required only / Conveyance Allowance – Coldstream Estate

Martyr’s School Bus Network

  • LS  – Myki required only – Warburton Hwy from Warburton to LHS
  • M03  – Warburton, Yarra Junction, Launching Place, Woori Yallock, Seville East, Seville, Wandin
  • M041 – Yellingbo, Seville, Wandin East
  • M05 – Seville
  • M06  – Seville East, Seville, Wandin North, Wandin
  • M11 – Woori Yallock, Wandin North
  • M12 – Warburton, Millgrove, Wesburn, Yarra Junction, Launching Place, Woori Yallock, Wandin
  • M99 – Wandin, Wandin North

Invicta & Ventura School Bus Code Changes

The following buses have had an identification Code Change. They will display the following on the front of the bus with School Bus/Code No.

Inv 5 2569 (PM) Bay 6

Inv 9 2579 (PM) Bay 9 (2nd slot)

Inv 11 2658 (AM)

LH1 3410 (AM) / 3411 (PM)    PM departure time  3.15 pm    Bay 11

LH2 3404 (AM) / 3405 (PM)    PM departure time  3.15 pm    Bay 12

LH3 3402 (AM) / 3403 (PM)    PM departure time  3.15 pm    Bay 13

Ventura School Bus Network (Kilsyth/Montrose/Moorolbark Area)

Afternoon Bus Travel

Students need to ensure that they are making their way straight to the bus bays after school to wait for their bus to arrive. Many Lilydale High School buses pick up students at other schools, so it is vital that buses leave our school on time. Students are also reminded that they are only permitted to travel on their allocated bus, and they must carry a valid bus pass at all times.

MYKI Cards

All students are reminded, it is important to always touch on and off on every trip with myki cards. This includes using the pre-paid myki pass (weekly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly).

Please note: that a myki card that cannot be touched on OR has not been touched on for any reason IS NOT VALID for travel. Travelling without a valid myki is fare evasion and could result in the issuance of an infringement notice.

Travel Concessions

Concession tickets cost around half the full fare and are available for most ticket types.  You can travel on concession tickets if you are aged 16 years and under or carry an approved Victorian Concession Card.  If you are a student aged 17 and over, you must carry a valid concession card.  Further Information is available on the Public Transport Victoria website.


Conveyance Allowance

To be eligible for a conveyance allowance students must reside 4.8km or more from Lilydale High School, a School Contract Bus service does not run in the area, and they must be attending their nearest public school.  Students enrolled in the Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program, students who live in the Coldstream Estate and parts of the Lilydale Lakes Estate may also be eligible if they meet the criteria.

If you are eligible for Conveyance Allowance, please complete a Student Conveyance Allowance Application (green form), available at the School Office. 

Bush Fire Season

In the event of a major fire that threatens public safety, the emergency services may close roads or areas, thereby preventing students and cars entering. Buses will remain where they are until confirmation is obtained from the Emergency and Security Management Branch’s 24-hour Communications Centre that it is safe to travel, in which case students would remain supervised at the school until collected by parents/guardians or alternative arrangements have been made.


An area is provided for bicycle storage (bikes must be locked) during the school day. Parents should impress on students that road laws relating to the use of bicycles and the wearing of safety helmets.   The school accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged bicycles.

Parking in the stadium car park is available at the discretion of the school for those students driving cars.  Skateboards, scooters, roller-blades and skates and any similar items are not permitted.

Helpful Websites

Please click on the links below to visit transport company websites.