Junior School

2023 Year 7 & 8

Head of Year 7: Morgan Wyatt

Head of Year 8 and Head of Junior School: Jye Cuff

Assistant Year Level Coordinators

  • Andrew Rogers
  • Cindy Harris
  • Jayne Morrow
  • Katie Hunter
  • Steph McLachlan
  • Kirsty Hudson

Junior School Administrative Assistant: Kerrie Skewes

2023 Handbooks

Junior School 

The fundamental aim of Lilydale High School is to foster and balance the intellectual, physical, cultural and social development of its students. The Junior School is unique in that we receive our students from a large variety of feeder schools and consider the transition of students of key importance. In catering for the successful transition of students into and through the Junior School, we are also committed to meeting the needs of students in terms of their social and emotional welfare as well as their academic performance and achievement. Many initiatives are undertaken to support their progress as part of Lilydale High School’s aims and strategic plan.

Year 7 and 8 students complete a thorough introduction to life at high school with a sound grounding in a broad range of subjects. To aid the transition from primary to secondary, the school runs a Peer Support Program and an organisational skills program for Year 7 students.


At Lilydale High School, Year 7 students study subjects from each of the eight Key Learning Areas:  English, Humanities, Languages, The Arts, Physical and Sport Education (PASE), Mathematics, Science, Technology and Information and Communications Technology.

Students are offered a broad range of subjects which contain a range of learning situations and a variety of teaching strategies.

Lilydale High School offers sequential subject-based courses giving balanced education to Year 12.

Generally, Year 7 students study 13 different subjects throughout the year, 8 of which are semester subjects.  Year 7 students study 9 different subjects during a normal week.

Year 7 students will also be involved in a Community period each week. During this time, students will engage in activities that are designed to meet the Lilydale High School mission: excellence in learning, resilience in life, and thriving in community.

The class is led by one of the students’ significant teachers and for part of the year, Year 11 student leaders.  Students will participate in a range of non-assessed activities that aim to build knowledge and skills in those areas of the school mission.

There will also be some opportunities for parents to engage with the students and staff during these activities.

Peer Support Program

Why is there a need for Peer Support?

Some young people entering secondary school can feel isolated and insecure.  It can be difficult adjusting to life in a new and bigger school. Some extra support can make the transition a bit smoother.

How does the Program Work?

Groups consisting of 10-12 Year 7 students, will meet with their Year 11 student leaders for one period per week. This period will change each week so that no student consistently misses the same subject. The program will run during Term 1, thus providing a nurturing atmosphere for Year 7 students while they assimilate into the school.  The Year 11 leaders have received intensive leadership training to equip them for the role.

It is expected and anticipated that all Year 7 students will have access to and will participate in the Peer Support Program.

What does Peer Support Achieve?

Not only does Peer Support assist Year 7’s to make new friends, but it also helps develop self-esteem, self-acceptance, confidence and the ability to make sound decisions. By providing the opportunity for friendly contact between senior and junior students it encourages friendships and support networks across the year levels.