School Council

Lilydale High School is a partnership of parents/guardians, staff, students and community representatives.

School Council has a number of sub-committees, which look at specific areas:

  • Curriculum
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Camps, Tours and Excursions
  • Finance
  • Community Relations
  • School Uniform

By having sub-committees, issues and needs can be investigated more deeply.  Each sub-committee reports to the Council for approval of recommendations and actions.  Members of the sub-committees do not have to be Council members – each sub-committee can invite people with expertise and/or interest to participate.

The Council functions even more effectively when it taps into the pool of skills and expertise of our parent population – in areas such as finance, business, education, legal, building, maintenance, etc.

2022 School Council Members

Parent Representatives

  • Elizabeth Canning
  • Peter Carswell
  • Kylie Doughty
  • Katrina Franklin
  • Carla Haydon
  • Sandra Rowe

Staff Representatives

  • Sarah Hardy
  • Trent Silk
  • Stuart Young

Principal – Wendy Powson

Finance Manager – Dawn Collins

Minute Secretary – Pam Tattersall

School Captains – Ava Van Leemput and Lilly Urquhart

Can I Help?

As your child enters Lilydale High School an exciting opportunity presents itself to become involved in a thriving school community of over 1500 students, their parents and guardians, and a teaching and non teaching staff in excess of 150 people.

Through your children we hope you will form new and continuing friendships and acquaintances and that your association with the school will be happy and rewarding.

The staff, students and Council will actively seek your involvement in, and support for, the many activities of the school such as Drama/Musical Productions, Concerts, Sports Days, Information and Award Presentation occasions, Barbeques and a variety of social and fundraising activities.

All members of these committees would like to see as many people involved as possible and would welcome anyone who would like to come along to their meetings or assist in any way possible with their activities.