Student Management

At Lilydale High School our Principal team, Year Level teams and teachers work with students to ensure we have a safe and productive environment.  We have high expectations of behaviour from all of our students.  Courteous and considerate behaviours are required not only in school, but whilst travelling to and from school.  Students are representing LHS at all times when out in the community.

Bell Times

8.35 am                 Warning Bell

8.40 am                 Home Group

8.48 am                 Period 1

9.36 am                 Period 2

10.24 am               RECESS

10.47 am               Warning Bell

10.52 am               Period 3

11.40 am               Period 4

12.28 pm               LUNCH

1.13 pm                 Warning Bell

1.18 pm                 Period 5

2.06 pm                 Period 6

2.54 pm                 DISMISSAL

Absence Line

An Absence Line for each Sub-School (Junior, Middle and Senior School) is available for parents/carers to ring (9735 5644) and record their child’s absence each day prior to 9.30 am.

Alternatively, student absences can be parent approved on the COMPASS Parent Portal.

The school should be advised if a student is expected to be absent for more than two days.  It is the responsibility of the student to check on and complete all work missing during absences. If a student is to be absent for any extended period of time, the parent or carer should notify the Sub-School Office or Home Group teacher.


Students are expected to regularly attend school as per Education Department policy.  There is a direct link between students’ school attendance and their level of school achievement.  Parents and Carers are asked to ensure their son/daughter attends every school day.  The school is required to monitor student attendance including receiving explanation from parents/carers for student absence and lateness.  Year Level Co-ordination team members and Home Group teachers will be in contact to follow up approved and unapproved absences and any overall attendance concerns.

Early Leavers Pass

If it is necessary for a student to leave before the end of the school day, a signed note written by a parent or carer must be given to the relevant Sub School Office Assistant prior to recess for an Early Leavers Pass to be issued.

Late to school

Students are expected to be punctual for the start of school (8.40 am Home Group) and for each lesson.  A student who is late for school must sign in at the Junior, Middle or Senior School Office and provide a satisfactory written note of explanation signed by a parent or carer to the Sub School Office Assistant.  A lunchtime detention will be given if such a note is not provided.

Persistent lateness will be recorded in a student’s file and in reports or references and parents/carers may have to attend an interview.

Leaving the school grounds

Students are not permitted to leave the grounds during school hours without prior approval from their Year Level Co-ordinator or an Assistant Principal.  Students require a signed note which may be authenticated by contacting their parent/carer.

Students Exiting

Before a student is allowed to leave school, they must satisfactorily complete Year 10 and until the age of 17, they must be in some form of full-time training or employment.

Training options can include:

  • VCE
  • VCAL
  • Full Time TAFE
  • Apprenticeship

Any students wishing to leave school before these requirements are met must put in a request for exemption to the Regional Director in consultation with Lilydale High School.

All students leaving school before the end of Year 12 are required to fill in an EXIT FORM available from the School Office and complete a Careers interview.

In the case of transfer to another school, the new school and address should be indicated on the exit form.

If you would like some advice on career pathways or training options, please book an appointment with the Careers Office on 9735 5644.

Facial Jewellery

Lilydale High School allows students to wear a stud or sleeper in the ear provided it does not infringe or breach School and Department of Education Health and Safety guidelines.

Makeup, false nails, nail polish and excessive jewellery are NOT to be worn at school.

Belts must be of a plain nature with appropriate buckle.

No student may have facial piercing whilst at school. It is expected any student with a facial piercing must remove it when wearing the school uniform.

Behaviour in Public

Whenever students are in the public domain, e.g., excursions/camps/sporting events and travelling to and from school, they are expected to uphold school rules and show exemplary behaviour which will positively reflect on the school and themselves.


The school accepts no responsibility for lost or damaged bicycles.  An area is provided for storage.  Bicycles should be locked in the place provided.  Parents/Carers should impress on students the road laws relating to the use of bicycles and the wearing of safety helmets.

Parking in the stadium car park is available at the discretion of the school for those students’ driving cars.

Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades and skates and any similarly items are BANNED.


It is school policy to run detentions at both lunchtime and after school as required.  Staff may arrange additional work sessions on other occasions should they wish.  For official after school detentions, notices are sent home prior to the date of the detentions.  These notices should be signed by parents/carers and returned to the teacher in charge of the detention.

It is the student’s responsibility to deliver this notice.  Non return of the signed slip does not negate the detention.  Students without a signed slip will not be admitted.  Non return of the signed slip will result in an extra detention or exclusion.

The school retains the right to overrule the claims by some students that after school work or special commitments makes detentions impossible.  Other detentions are held at lunchtimes.  Written notice to parents/carers is not given for these.

Teachers may also require students to remain behind after school as a consequence of inappropriate behaviour.  Similar arrangements regarding notifications to parents/carers apply.

Homework and Home Study Policy

Lilydale High School believes that homework is an essential part of the curriculum and should be completed on a regular basis.  Homework is time set aside each night by the student to extend and develop their study skills and to prepare them for senior years.  Students are expected to do home study every day as independent study habits are crucial for a successful VCE.

Illness and Sick Bay

Parents/Carers should not send students to school if they are unwell.

A student who becomes ill while at school will be sent to the school first aid attendant.  Parents/Carers will be contacted and are asked to take the student home.  It is important that emergency contact numbers on the school records are kept up to date.

Students are NOT PERMITTED to RING their parents/carers (via a mobile telephone) themselves OR leave the school without permission.

Any student who has to take special medication at school should lodge the medication with the school first aid attendant.  A note, signed by the parent/carer, should be provided.  The school does not administer medications, including analgesics.

Internet and Network student contract

The school offers students the opportunity to access the Internet, Intranet and other on-line services as part of the school curriculum.  All students and parent/carers are required to sign a contract to allow computer and internet access.  If the conditions of the contract are breached, user privileges will be suspended and/or payment for damages may be requested. Sanctions as per the Student Code of Conduct may apply.  Unauthorised use of student images, voice or LHS name, property or personnel is a direct violation of the privacy policy.


Individual lockers are provided for storage of books, coats etc.  Lockers are to be kept tidy, clean and free from graffiti.  Combination padlocks purchased by the school are sold to the students then remain their property.  Each padlock is sturdy and has its own unique combination so the locker cannot be opened by anyone else.

Under no circumstances should students give their locker combination to other students.

Lost Property

The school cannot accept responsibility for items stolen or lost.  If valuable items need to be brought to school, they should be handed to the School Office or Sub School Offices for safe keeping.  All student items should be clearly marked with the student’s name.

Students can check for lost property at the School Office at recess, lunchtime and after school.

Materials banned from school

Felt-tipped pens, other similar markers and ‘white out’ or liquid paper must not be brought to school.  Chewing gum is also banned.  Radios, iPods, digital cameras and video cameras, (other than the Lilydale High issued notebooks/iPads,) ICT transmitting devices/facilities, must not be brought to school.

Mobile Phones

Students are not to have mobile phones in their possession nor are they permitted to use mobile phones at school, on camps or excursions at any time.  The school accepts no responsibility for such items being brought to school or excursions.  Year Level Coordinators and teachers have phones to contact parents/carers at all times which enables effective communication between all parties.

Money brought to school

Large amounts of money brought to school should be paid into the School Office on arrival at school.  All money should be in a sealed envelope clearly marked with the student’s name, Home Group, purpose and amount of money enclosed and must be paid by the due date.

Out of bounds areas and specific restrictions

There are certain areas of the school grounds out of bounds to students. All local shops and shopping centres are out of bounds for students on their way to and from school and during school hours for security and safety reasons.

Personal Property

Personal goods are brought to school at the owners on risk.  Private property brought to school by students is not insured nor is the Department of Education or the school responsible for any loss.

Smoke-Free School

Lilydale High School is a smoke free school.  No person is permitted to smoke in the school buildings or the school grounds.  Students are not permitted to have smoking requisites in their possession and face possible suspension from school for smoking.