Virtual School Tour

Please take the tour of our school with Wendy Powson (Principal), to see what Lilydale High School has to offer.


Grade 6 to Year 7

Application forms for Year 7 Enrolment are distributed to Grade 6 students in April by Primary Schools.  Applications are returned to the Primary School by mid-May at which time the primary school informs the secondary school of applicants to their school.  The Secondary School then notifies the Primary Schools of applicants and in early August the primary schools notify parents of offers from the Secondary Schools.

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Years 8 to 12

Parents and Guardians interested in enrolling their son/daughter at Lilydale High School (Years 8 to 12) are welcome to ring the school and make an ‘Enrolment Enquiry’ with the relevant Sub School.  Following the enquiry a Year Level Coordinator will contact you.

When a position becomes available in the year level, a parent meeting will be arranged with the relevant Year Level Coordinator, parent/guardian and student.  Contact will also be made with the student’s current school.

Find My School

You can find your designated neighbourhood government school by typing in a residential address, or searching by school name or categories such as primary, secondary or specialist school.  Findmyschool.vic.gov.au

Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEALP)

Lilydale High School has offered a Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program since 1994. Lilydale is a foundation member of the Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools.  Entry to the program is through a selection process involving:

  • General ability test
  • Writing tasks
  • Reading comprehension tests
  • Mathematics tests
  • Information from parents
  • Information from the primary school teacher
  • Results of Year 5 NAPLAN testing
  • Latest school report
  • Interview

Lilydale High School has always demonstrated an active interest in curriculum development which facilitates excellent outcomes for all students. To better address the needs of students who demonstrate above-average ability, high levels of task commitment and high levels of creativity, a Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program was implemented in 1994, the second such program to be implemented in Victoria.

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