Senior School

Year 11 & 12

Head of Year 12: Janine Sayers

Head of Year 11: Daniel Toma

Assistant Year Level Coordinators

  • Kate Hankin
  • Brendon Huby
  • Julie Colyer
  • Henri Mouratidis
  • Emily Stewart

Senior School Assistant: Jenny McLean

2024 Handbook

2023 Handbook

VCE Information

The Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) operates in all Victorian Secondary Schools. All Year 11 and 12 subjects or studies are prescribed by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA).

Selection of courses and procedures:

  • At Year 11 and 12 subjects or studies are studied as units usually over two years
  • At Year 11 subjects are studied as Units 1 and 2
  • At Year 12 subjects are studied as sequenced Units 3 and 4
  • Students cannot study Unit 4 before studying Unit 3
  • Some Year 11 students may take a Unit 3-4 sequence whilst in Year 11
  • At both levels students must acquire their current Mathematics teacher’s recommendation for their chosen Mathematics study

Attendance Requirements

Students’ attendance should be 100%. Students and parents will be notified in writing or by phone if students’ attendance is below 100% and absences are unapproved.

Contact will be: Year Level Co-ordinators will notify when unapproved absences exceed three days. Extreme attendance problems will necessitate the establishment of an attendance support group (ASG) consisting of Year Level Co-ordinator, Assistant Principal and Student Wellbeing Co-ordinators who will meet with the student, parent(s) and guardian(s) to develop strategies for overcoming the problem. Students will be invited to engage in a contract of commitment to regular attendance.

In order to avoid unnecessarily inflated absence recording, students are required to attend morning Home Group assembly and attend scheduled classes. They should bring a note on return to school.

VCE student concerns/difficulties

We encourage all students who have any concerns or are experiencing any difficulties to come to the VCE Office and speak with the VCE Co-ordinators. It is important that students are aware that assistance is always available to them and that the sooner they come and discuss their issue with a VCE Co-ordinator, the sooner concerns can be resolved.