Senior School

Year 11 and 12

Head of Senior School and Head of Year 12: Katie Wilson
Head of Year 11: Janine Sayers


Assistant Year Level Co-ordinators

  • Mark Beatson
  • Katie Hunter
  • Caitlin Wiles
  • Sarah Redgewell
  • Leah Shields


Senior School Assistant: Jenny McLean


VCE Attendance Policy

Attendance at school and at all timetabled classes is compulsory.  100% attendance is required unless for legitimate reasons – illness, hardship or accident where students must provide written evidence to the Form Teacher immediately upon return to school.  If a student has more than 3 unapproved absences or 10 approved absences in any study they may receive N for that unit.

If late to school, students must sign the Late Book in the VCE Office to ensurey their presence is recorded.

Study Periods

VCE students will have study periods each week.  Students are reminded that these are study periods, not free time.  During a study period, students must be in the VCE Study Hall, in the Library if researching, or in the Student Centre if numbers are too large.  Students requesting special private study arrangements must negotiate this with the Year Level Co-ordinator or the appropriate teacher.

VCE student concerns/difficulties

We encourage all students who have any concerns or are experiencing any difficulties to come to the VCE Office and speak with the VCE Co-ordinators. It is important that students are aware that assistance is always available to them and that the sooner they come and discuss their issue with a VCE Co-ordinator, the sooner concerns can be resolved.