Year 8 to 12 Extra Costs

To assist with family budgeting, School Council would like to provide parents/guardians with the following information for approximate extra costs that may be incurred at each year level. Please note that many of these costs are associated with optional activities and that activities may be added during the course of the year (although ample notice will be given).

Although these costs are relevant to the nominated year, deposits or full payments are sometimes required in the previous year eg: a deposit for the Year 10 Central Australia Camp may be required towards the end of Year 9 (November) to enable bookings to be secured.

Please note, the list below does not include Subject Fees eg: Outdoor Education, Excellence in Sports etc.  These costs can be found in the Year 10 and VCE Handbook on the school website homepage.

Year Level Activity Approximate Cost
Year 8 Anglesea Camp $335
Year 9 Camp $800
Year 10 Central Australia Camp $1500
  Formal $80 plus attire
  VET Studies * Material costs
Year 11 Presentation Ball Up to $1200
  Surf Camp $300
  Ski Camp $700
  VCE Uniform $120
  Arts Camp $250
  VET Studies * Material costs
  BYO Device (computer/tablet) * Up to $1400
Year 12 Latrobe University Study Retreat $260
  Valedictory Dinner $95 per ticket (plus attire)
Arts Camp $250


* VET Studies – Material costs will vary depending on the course undertaken.  Please refer the Year 10 and VCE Course Handbook.

* BYO device (computer/tablet) up to $1400 depending on the device chosen.  Existing computers owned by students are acceptable.