From the Principal

im-7b4593c1-7fe5-4907-936b-00995bce1068Welcome to the Lilydale High School website. I hope this website provides you with all the information that you may need in both a timely and accessible manner.

Lilydale High School is a wonderful place to learn. It has a long history of service to the local community and has on offer a wide and varied academic program and extensive extra curricular activities/programs on offer for all of our students.

Students are encouraged to participate in a broad range of activities to assist in  developing their abilities and skills and to work with others in an atmosphere of team work and cooperation.

Our Vision Statement is what underpins everything we do both now and in the future: 

‘LHS is dedicated to providing an environment that values academic excellence and maximises opportunities and pathways to enable all students to become resilient and contributing members of the community’  ‘Excellence in learning, resilience in life, thriving in community’

Our Mission Statement describes what we do to achieve our vision:

Lilydale High School is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for students where they are supported to achieve their personal best. It strives to be a place where knowledge, curiosity, ideas, creativity and critical thinking are valued and encouraged. This is achieved through:

Excellence in Learning

  • A belief that every child has the capacity to learn
  • Reflective and collaborative teaching practice
  • High expectations in every classroom
  • Individual success is encouraged and excellence appreciated
  • Using data to support individual needs and improve learning
  • Diversity and different abilities are understood, appreciated and catered for in every classroom
  • Skills required for success in the 21st century are incorporated into student learning
  • The curriculum is viable and guaranteed, documented and constantly reviewed

Resilience in Life

  • Personal development is fostered through curriculum and extra curriculum programs and everyday interactions
  • Students are encouraged to act with initiative, integrity and self discipline
  • Students take responsibility for their actions
  • Students are encouraged to be thoughtful, considerate and tolerant of others

Thriving in Community 

  • Opportunities for students to engage with the wider community exist
  • Students are guided and supported to be successful in their chosen pathway
  • Students gain an understanding of the world in which they live through curriculum and extra curricular opportunities
  • Students engage with local and global issues and experiences through well structured curriculum

Our Values are the guiding principles and beliefs at Lilydale High School and include both learning and community values:

Values for Learning:

Responsibility – we demonstrate responsibility by

  • Being accountable for our learning and our actions and contributing to a safe and caring learning environment 

Discipline – we demonstrate discipline by

  • Working independently, collaborating with others, following through with our learning and allowing others to do the same

Reflection – we demonstrate the ability to reflect by

  • Being able to articulate what we’ve learned, how we’ve learnt it and how we can improve our future learning 

Values for Community: 

Gratitude – we demonstrate gratitude by

  • Consciously being thankful and showing appreciation 

Initiative – we demonstrate initiative by 

  • Being resourceful and ensuring we look for, and take opportunities that come our way 

Empathy – we demonstrate empathy by

  • Caring about the well being of others by being kind, considerate and courteous

Integrity – we demonstrate integrity by

  • Being trustworthy, fair, just and honest in our everyday actions 

Appointments with the Principal

I am always very happy to meet with parents and guardians to discuss any issue, large or small.  If you would like to meet with me or one of the Assistant Principals, please ring the General Office (9735 5644) to make an appointment.  Appointments are usually possible on the same or the next school day.

The principal team is:

  • Wendy Powson – Principal
  • Stuart Young – Assistant Principal
  • Melissa McMillan – Assistant Principal
  • Trent Silk – Assistant Principal
  • Katie Wilson – Assistant Principal