Australian Rules Football

Program Overview:

The Excellence in Sport AFL Program at Lilydale High School is an athlete centred program for males and females that aims to provide an individualised performance framework to support their development toward becoming elite junior and senior AFL players. Our Level 2 accredited coaching staff bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, with the aim of encouraging and nurturing elite performance standards and behaviours consistent with achieving personal academic and athletic goals.

Program Objectives:

The overall objective of our Excellence in Sport AFL Program is to develop skilled and well-rounded athletes.  By role modelling and encouraging core dynamic behaviours, we strive to embed elite habits that will lead to our athletes becoming talented competitors and active citizens in their community.

Our specific program objectives include:

  • Providing a balanced program that ensures excellence in both the sporting and academic environments.
  • Provision of specialised and individualised programs to nurture progressive sport specific skillsets.
  • Providing high quality environments and resources to ensure maximal development and growth.
  • Ensuring athletes are exposed to a culture of professionalism and excellence.

Training Structure and Environment:

Our program structure is dynamic in nature and consists of a variety of specific AFL related components. These sessions are planned and implemented to ensure our program mirrors the life and habits of a high achieving athlete.

Every week our athletes undertake the following weekly program;


  • Alternating cardio, speed and agility training
  • Main training session including small sided games and knowledge of LHS game plan
  • Technical skill based session
  • Strength and Conditioning session

In Season:

  • Recovery session
  • Main training session including match simulation and execution of LHS game plan
  • Captains run/match review
  • Strength and Conditioning session

Off Season:

  • AFL related fitness including Pilates and Yoga
  • Transferable skills session
  • Core stability/Body weight session
  • Strength and Conditioning session


Our program places a large emphasis on continual progression and development with all of our athletes, citing the importance of regular participation with their club and representative teams.

However, we do provide opportunities to represent the school through the School Sport Victoria Championships.


The EIS AFL program is run by full time teachers at Lilydale High School who are also Level 2 accredited AFL coaches.