Athlete Development Program

The Athlete Development Program (ADP) is designed to cater for aspiring athletes from any sporting field and will consist of both a sporting focus as well as an academic focus.

The Athlete development program is a two-year program, running for both Year 9 and Year 10.  Students are required to commit to the program for both years. Involvement in the program does have an impact on the subject choices that students can make, in particular, at Year 10.

Students selected for the ADP will be allocated to the same Home Group at Year 9 and will have a regular Year 9 timetable, however, it will be compulsory for the students to undertake a Select Entry Elective named Athlete Development.  This compulsory component of the Program will run as a 3-period elective.

The ADP will involve the students partaking in sessions designed to give them an understanding of the requirements of becoming an elite athlete.

During this time, students will undergo a strength and conditioning program under the supervision of a qualified strength and conditioning coach. Students will also undertake nutritional sessions along with sports psychology sessions which will focus on things such as goal setting and time management.

The program also comprises a unique academic focus. The students will complete the same core subjects as required in a standard Year 9 course; however, the students will receive a tailored curriculum, which at times, will use sport as a context to further engage the students in their schoolwork.

English, Maths, Humanities and Science will at times, vary from the mainstream coursework in order to cater for students in the ADP. Each of the subjects previously listed form the CORE component of the ADP and will therefore be undertaken as a Home Group.

Application Process

There is a maximum of 25 students allowed to partake in the ADP, therefore, there is a selection process that includes the completion of an application form, as well as a fitness-testing component.

The fitness-testing involves the 20M Shuttle Run Test, the 20M Sprint Test and the Vertical Jump Test.

The information provided within the application form, along with the results from the fitness testing will be used to rank students, with the top 25 students receiving a spot in the program.

Applications for the 2023 Athlete Development Program are closed.