School Production

LHS is producing XANADU the Musical as our 2020 School Production!

The Story

Xanadu tells the story of Sonny Malone, a struggling artist in Los Angeles. He’s so discouraged by his lack of success that he’s about to give up, little does he know he’s being watched by Clio and the other Greek Muses from Mount Olympus.

Clio decides to use her muse powers to help inspire Sonny and to do so, disguises herself as a human named Kira, complete with roller skates, leg warmers and an Australian accent!

However Kira’s jealous Muse sisters, plan to curse her and cause her and Sonny to fall in love, something forbidden by Zeus himself.

Meanwhile, Sonny decides to create the ultimate expression of art, a place where music, theatre, art and athletics all come together – a roller disco!

Production Team

Alongside Mr Bleakley and Miss Cumming as Production Coordinators, we have a terrific Production Team of former students working together to create this endeavour.

Celeste Wells (Class of 2017) is back as our Musical Director. Tiffany Couacaud and Em Artis (Class of 2018) are back to mentor our choreographers; Tiff is also designing our costumes.

Finally, joining our team this year as Assistant Director is, Jesse Hone (Class of 2017).

Show Performance Dates

Thursday 13 August – Opening Night – 7 pm

Friday 14 August – Second Show Night – 7 pm

Saturday 15 August – Matinee – 1:30 pm

Friday 16 August – Closing Night – 7 pm



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Miss Cumming & Mr Bleakley 
School Production Team