About us

Lilydale High School has a long tradition of providing excellent educational programs for students Years 7 to 12 and is highly regarded in the community.  Great efforts are made to see that its students consistently attain outstanding achievements in a wide variety of areas, including VCE results, sports and community service activities.  Collaborative decision-making processes, resulting in clearly defined policies and programs, aim to ensure that each child is challenged and extended academically, creatively, socially and physically.

Secondary education in Lilydale commenced in 1919.  104 years on, the Lilydale High School symbol of a lighted flame above an open book, appears on the distinctive uniform of maroon, white and grey worn in Years 7 to 10 and blue, white and grey for VCE.  The school magazine entitled ‘Salamander’ takes its name as a reminder of the strong school spirit that endured after the 1958 fire which partly destroyed the school.

The school offers a comprehensive curriculum for Years 7 to 12 in the following eight Key Learning Areas:  English, Languages, Technology, Science, Mathematics, Humanities, Physical and Sport Education and The Arts.  All Year 7 and 8 students study units from these core areas.  Year 9 and 10 students select from a wide range of units offered by all areas of study within set requirements.  VCE student choice is determined by vocational or further study ambitions and is made from a comprehensive range of courses.  Special features of the curriculum include the provision of an accelerated program for academically gifted and talented students and the study by Year 10 students of VCE units.  

The school’s philosophy is firmly based on the belief that every student has the ability to learn.  It stresses the development of initiative, integrity and self-discipline through a structured Discipline and Welfare Policy which incorporates positive and non-discriminatory relationships amongst boys and girls and is governed by clear expectations of the whole school community, all of whom take responsibility for their own actions.  The school believes that each student’s happiness, confidence, feelings of security and sense of belonging are dependent upon an environment where all members are considerate, respectful and courteous to each other.  A strength of the school is its ability to maintain a pastoral concern for each individual student from the initial enrolment through to post school experience.

Teachers are caring, dedicated and committed to providing an excellent quality of education for their students.  There are specialist teachers in Careers and Student Wellbeing.  Staff involvement in school life is all encompassing, including extra-curricular activities and work on various committees.  Teachers are involved in policy writing and review and in responding to the needs of the school community, as well as setting up innovative programs.

Lilydale High School enjoys the support and confidence of its constituent groups who are actively involved in all aspects of the school’s decision-making processes.  The School Council is a most active and effective group.  Valedictory Presentations, Presentation occasions, Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences, Information Evenings, Year 10 Formal, Education Week Activities, Council and Council Sub Committee Meetings, Curriculum and other committee and Working Party meetings are but some of many opportunities for members of the Lilydale High School community to participate in and contribute to the school.

Lilydale High School has extensive facilities and equipment covering all Learning Areas.  The most recent additions have been a new Science and Technology Centre as well as the internet computerization of the Library and seven of the ICT laboratories, a Year 7 and 8 playground/recreation area, Zoology Centre, a VCE Centre and a Performing Arts Theatre/Centre.

  • Fully equipped computer rooms
  • Video network, multimedia projectors in all rooms
  • Internet access
  • Computerised Library Resource centre
  • School Hall
  • School Canteen
  • Zoology Centre
  • Outdoor tennis, basketball/netball volleyball courts
  • Indoor Basketball/Netball Stadium
  • Cricket practice nets
  • Extensive playing fields
  • Fun and Fitness Track
  • Weight training area
  • VCE Centre with Study Hall
  • Student Wellbeing Offices
  • Careers Office
  • Art display areas
  • Ceramics room with kiln
  • Specialist Technology rooms
  • Year Level and Sub School Offices
  • Separate areas of school for all year levels
  • Separate playground facilities for Year 7 and 8 students
  • Locker rooms for all year levels
  • Covered walkways to school buildings

A bus interchange and car park along the Melba Avenue frontage of the school were completed in 2004 and opened by Peter Batchelor, the Victorian Minister for Transport.

Lilydale High School is proud of its 104 years of service to the people of the Shire of Yarra Ranges and the Yarra Valley and looks forward to continuing to provide for the educational needs of this outer eastern area of Melbourne well into the new millennium.