Year 7 Enrolment

Many parents/carers are making enquiries about enrolling their son or daughter for Year 7.  It is hoped that the following information will answer many of your questions.  If further information is required, please contact Sarah Collins or Angela Louis (Transition Coordinator) or Morgan Wyatt (Acting Head of Year 7).

The process for enrolment in a State Secondary School is as follows:

  • Parents and Guardians are given an ‘Application for Enrolment’ form by their child’s primary school.  Choices for secondary schools can be listed in preference order.
  • The local neighbourhood secondary school will be listed on this form.  The local neighbourhood secondary school is the one closest to your permanent residence, measured by the shortest road route.
  • The preference form is returned to your child’s primary school.
  • The primary school then sends these forms to the relevant secondary school.
  • The primary school will notify parents or guardians of the secondary school to be attended.
  • In most cases the secondary school listed as your first preference will accept enrolment of your child.

Some secondary schools have education department permission to limit enrolments from outside of their neighbourhood zone once an agreed maximum enrolment has been reached.  This arrangement is often called a ‘cap’ on enrolment and is usually because the school has no physical capacity to expand.  If this is the case your second preference will be activated.  You will be informed when this occurs.  Lilydale High School does not have a cap on enrolment.

In preparation for your decision, it is suggested that you make time to visit the secondary schools that interest you and attend their Open Night.


  • Thursday 27 April
  • 6.30 pm
  • School Hall

We invite prospective families to phone the school on 9735 5644 to find out more about what Lilydale High School has to offer your son or daughter.

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Wendy Powson, Principal