Student Wellbeing

The Student Wellbeing Co-ordinators at Lilydale High School are;

  • Robert Webb and Jane Robbins

The role of the Student Wellbeing Co-ordinators can be summarised as:

  • Introducing and maintaining support structures for students
  • Being available to help students, parents and teachers

The majority of the Wellbeing Co-ordinator’s time is spent with students on a one-to-one basis.

Other aspects of the Student Wellbeing Co-ordinator’s role include:

  • Organising support groups for students needing help
  • Assisting individual students with work plans, personal problems
  • Negotiating extra help for students falling behind in their work
  • Reconciling differences of opinion between individuals and between groups
  • Holding discussions with parents who are worried about their children
  • Visiting parents who want to talk in privacy (at home)
  • Organising outside agencies to help families when necessary
  • Informing staff of students who are likely to be upset
  • Liaising between staff and student where conflict occurs
  • Working closely with Co-ordinators and staff

Parents and Guardians can make an appointment to see Jane Robbins or Robert Webb by calling the School Office on 9735 5644.