Allumi Nomination Process

You are invited to nominate those whom you believe are worthy of induction into the Lilydale High School Gallery of Achievement.

The Lilydale High School Gallery of Achievement acknowledges those alumni who have demonstrated outstanding contribution, success, achievement and/or service in one or more of the following fields of endeavourprofessional life, sporting pursuits or working in the community.


Nominees must be past students of Lilydale High School who satisfy one or more the following criteria:

  • Outstanding achievements at state, national or international level in their field of endeavour.
  • Demonstrated outstanding leadership or widely acknowledged as a leader within their organisation or field.
  • Given outstanding service in their field and/or to others.
  • Held a high office in their organisation or field.
  • Performed significant heroism. 


  • Posthumous nominations will be accepted, as well as self-nominations.
  • Nominees will be judged on the merits of their achievements.
  • Nominees may be asked to provide further details of their achievements and photos, which may be used for the Gallery of Achievement.
  • Information in support of nominations will remain confidential to the LHS Gallery of Achievement Selection Committee and the Principal.


  • An image and a short biography of each inductee will be included in the Gallery of Achievement at the school.
  • Inductees may be invited to attend special events hosted by the school.

Please contact the School Office for a Nomination Form on 9735 5644 or email: