Student Reports

Interim Reports 

Interim reports are issued for all students mid-semester.  The reports are available on COMPASS.  The interim report is designed to provide a brief report on the student’s progress and behaviour.

Full Written Reports  

Two such reports will be issued, one at the end of each semester (available on COMPASS).  Both will be written by the class teachers.

Students are issued with a Report Folder for storage of all reports in Year 7.

3 Way Conferences

3 Way Conferences will be organised mid-semester so that teaching staff can speak with parents.  All students are expected to attend the interviews with their parent/guardian and teachers. Consultations between parents, staff and students can take place at any time if problems arise.


The Assessment and Reporting School Council Working Party has introduced a new school based reporting system that will complement the VELS reports for Year 7 to 10 students at Lilydale High School.

Students are currently being introduced to a range of assessment items named Common Assessment Tasks (CATs) in all Key Learning Areas. These tasks will assess the skills of students in each subject and give them the opportunity to gain a grade as a percentage.

Each percentage will include a descriptor as shown:

  • 100 – 90%      Outstanding
  • 89 – 75 %        Very Good
  • 74 – 60%         Good
  • 59 – 45 %        Fair
  • 44 – 30 %        Of Concern
  • 29% or below  Unacceptable

Each CAT is presented to students with an accompanying assessment rubric or success criteria that clearly sets out what they have to include in their CAT, in order to achieve to the best of their ability. One of the set CATs in each Key Learning Area will include a heavy literacy focus. Of course, we expect that with any piece of work, students should carefully check for punctuation and grammatical errors.

This initiative will give students the opportunity to receive feedback on specific tasks alongside their overall VELS assessment. Parents can assist their children by discussing the requirements of the CATs with them and encouraging them to achieve to their very best.

If you have any queries concerning the CATs, please don’t hesitate to call either Wendy Powson or Janine Sayers.