Student Planner

How to use the Lilydale High School Student Planner

The Lilydale High School Planner is a shared document between the student, parents and teachers.

Year 7 to 12 students:

Using the planner will help you to organise your time and work.

  • Always bring your planner to class.
  • Make two entries for all homework set – on the date when work is set and again when it is due to be completed.  Write in if you have no homework in a subject.
  • Record all important dates.
  • Record subjects, teachers, rooms on the timetable page.
  • At the end of the day, take home your planner and any books needed for homework.


The planner is your regular and direct link with the school.

  • Each night, check the planner for homework and/or messages from teachers.
  • You may use the planner to send a message to a teacher, who will sign it if required.
  • Sometimes you may be required to sign that homework has been completed.
  • Make a note of absences on the appropriate dates.  Explain absence briefly and sign.


The planner is a means of recording homework and messages to and from parents.

  • Ensure that students always have their planners with them in class.
  • Insist on students entering homework; at the date set and at the date when work is due.  Encourage students to write ‘no homework’ where appropriate.
  • The planner can be used to communicate with parents.
  • Check the planner regularly to ensure that they are being used correctly.

Included in the School Planner;

  • School Map
  • Student Engagement Policy
  • Anti-Harassment Policy
  • School Management
  • Lilydale High School Network and Internet Contract
  • Notes from Home – slips

New planners are available to be purchased from the School Office for $10.

Parents/Guardians should feel free to contact Year Level Co-ordinators with queries about their student’s planner.