Connect your iPad

Before using the school’s computers, network or WiFi.

The LHS Acceptable Use Agreement covers all students when using digital technologies. Before connecting to our network or using the school’s equipment, please read and understand your rights and responsibilities.

Lilydale High School Acceptable Use Agreement

Connecting to the LHS WiFi Network

Connecting your device to the LHS network is very easy but you can only do this while at school. You can connect to the school network in the same way that you connect to your home network. Simply click on your WiFi network settings, choose “LHS_Students”, then enter your SCHOOL username and password.

If you are on an iPad, you will also need to go Settings / WiFi / LHS_Students / Proxy and set “Auto”. Don’t forget to hit save. (p.s. if you’ve got WiFi “bars” and can’t browse any pages, then you’ve forgotten this part).

Before enrolling your device, please take the time to read the following documents.  Enrolling your device denotes your acceptance of the Lilydale High School terms and conditions.

  • Lilydale High School Notebook & iPad Program Agreement
  • Lilydale High School Acceptable Games Policy

Students may only connect a single authorised device in this program.  Connecting unauthorised devices may cause loss of functionality for those devices.

Connecting to the LHS WiFi is a straight forward process and only takes a few minutes.


  • To connect you will need your LHS username and password.  New Year 7 students will receive these on orientation day.
  • You can only connect to the LHS WiFi at school.

Installing the LHS Webclips and Email Profile on your iPad

iPad users can click on to install bookmarks and setup their LHS email. From the above page, enter your SCHOOL username and password and follow the prompts.

You can install the webclips and email profile from school or at home.