Notebook & iPad Pgm

Lilydale High School is committed to providing our students improved access to learning technologies and online learning.  The program aims to improve student engagement in regular classes and provide enhanced teaching and learning practices for both students and teachers.

All students are offered the opportunity to participate in the program.

These programs have been successfully implemented in Australia and overseas and the most dramatic improvements have taken place in environments where students have had their own notebook.

Notebooks/iPads ordered through the schools Notebook/iPad Program remain the property of the school.

Students using them must abide by the schools internet, network and notebook/iPad program policies and must be stored in students lockers when not in use. It is the students responsibilty to ensure the notebook/iPad is charged and ready for use in class.

Apple iPad Support

If you need technical assistance out of hours to setup your iPad, create an iTunes account or register your Applecare warranty, please ring Apple Technical Support on 1300 321 456.

Alternatively, visit the Support Kiosk and our support technicians will help you.

IPad & WELD Program Offer Documents

The following documents outline the LHS iPad Program offer documents.

New Students – Year 7

For students who are currently enrolled to start at Lilydale High School in 2017 please consult this document.

Year 9 to 12 students

The following document applies to all other students at Lilydale High School. It contains information about the LHS Web Enabled Learning Device (WELD) Program.

Required Apps

The following document contains the list of Required Apps.

Students bringing their OWN personal computer to school

Lilydale High School will allow students to bring approved personal computing devices to school and have them connected to the school network. This decision has been made in consideration of those parents who already own laptop computers or who wish to use a model different than those being offered by the school.

Only one device per student at any one time will be allowed.

For educational and security reasons, personal computers that are to be connected to the schools network must meet minimum requirements. If you are at all in doubt about the validity of the computer you wish to purchase, please contact the school BEFORE you purchase the computer. The school cannot be held responsible for personal purchasing decisions.

Additional Notebook/Ipad information for parents is available from the PARENT INFORMATION link on the left menu under Notebook/iPad Program.

For further enquiries regarding the program please contact Chris Stebbing on 9735 5644.