School Notices

Camps, Excursions and Incursions

Prior to each excursion, a student’s parent or guardian must complete and sign an indemnity form and any money must be paid into the General Office at least 3 days before the set date. Payments will not be accepted after the due date.

If, however, there is a financial problem that would prevent a student from participating, please contact the Business Manager Ms Dawn Collins who may be able to help resolve the problem.

Out-of-school excursions are an important part of the course-work and are not simply an optional extra. Students who do not attend these activities are academically disadvantaged in the same way as are those who are absent from classes. Students must conform to school rules about dress and behaviour on excursions, incursions, camps as well as in classrooms.

Mobile phones are NOT to be carried/taken by students on excursions, incursions or camps.

Students must agree to conform to all instructions regarding dress and general behaviour and must produce a signed parent/guardian indemnity form before being permitted to attend.


Please note that camps/excursions/sport notices (and ability to make payment) are removed from Compass at 3pm on the final day for payment.

It is necessary to close off these activities at this time to allow for payment lists, rolls, staffing, transport etc to be finalised.