What Do I Need To Have?

What do I need to have in my Writing Folio?

As the Writing Folio is an assessment, it is important that students know and understand what it needs to contain. From the menu, all the pre-printed sheets that students are supposed to have within their Writing Folio are available (you can also click here). In addition to these documents, which are designed to assist students in completing their Writing Folio, students need to do the following in order to successfully complete their Writing Folio:

  • Write Low Stakes pieces of wriring (the number of pieces that are expected will vary depending on Year Level);
  • Fill in the ‘Writing Folio Contents Page’;
  • Provide all drafts and finished piece for polished pieces;
  • Provide evidene that they have used their Writer’s Notebook;
  • Provide a completed Student Conference Record Sheet
  • Ensure the conferencing process has been utilised effectively

In order to keep the Wrting Folio all together in one convenient location, students must have a display book. As Low Stakes piceces are written, students should place them into a pocket of their display book and add an entry into the ‘Writing Folio Contents Page’.