What Are The Six Traits?

The 6 (+1) Traits of Writing are the basis for good writing, no matter what the style or genre. Through the menu, you will find each of the six traits with a Scoring Guide and (coming soon) an explanatory, flipped learning video. For details on how to use the Scoring Guides, please click here.

How do I use the Scoring Guides?

The scoring guides that are in the Writing Folio Required Documents, and available on this website, are to be used as a helpful tool for students to engage in their writing as a writer. Before bringing a writing piece to your teacher for conferencing, you should use these guides to score your piece. While it is a great idea to assess your writing against each of the 6 Traits, only one should be chosen for each conference. Once you have given your written piece an average score for the chosen Trait, write this down on your Pre-Conference Sheet. Your teacher’s feedback will then be directed towards how you can successfully transform your piece from Low Stakes to High Stakes in relation to that Trait.

For more detailed information on how to score your writing using the Scoring Guides, please see your teacher.