Writing Folio


What is a Writing Folio?

calmA Writing Folio is a collection of pieces that have been written for various audiences and purposes. Written pieces will cover an array of styles and genres.

Each semester, the Writing Folio will contain a set number of High Stakes (polished) pieces that have to be drafted and re-drafted to perfection. It is important to note, that it may take several drafts for any single piece to become a High Stakes (polished) piece. The drafting process will be engaged with through regular conferencing with the teacher.

All Low Stakes (drafts) must be kept and submitted with the High Stakes (polished) pieces in a display folder at the end of the Semester.
Two periods per week will be allocated to Writing Folio.


Why a Writing Folio?

At Lilydale High School, we want students to engage in their writing in order to improve the skills required to create engaging, coherant and well-structured pieces of writing. Through giving students the opportunity to become involved in writing in all its forms, we hope that all students will be able to shine. The Writing Folio utilises the idea that writing is not limited to pieces that are going to be ‘published’ or assessed. At LHS, students are encouraged to simply write. This early writing is what is known as ‘Low Stakes’ writing. In Low Stakes writing, spelling, grammar and punctuation are not what’s important; what is important is that students are getting their ideas down on paper and that they are experimenting. If a piece is chosen to be conferenced and drafted and re-drafted, then it moves from being Low Stakes to being High Stakes writing. This is the Process of Writing. By engaging in the writing process, students are able to develop their writing skills across the curriculum.


Is the Writing Folio assessed?

The Writing Folio is undertaken by all students in Years 7, 8 & 9. Students participate in the Writing Folio as a Semester-long assessment activity. There is more to the Writing Folio than simply completing the set number of polished pieces: in order to successfully complete the assessment task, students must participate in the conferencing process, create a Writer’s Notebook, write Low Stakes pieces and develop the required number of High Stakes (polished) pieces.


So, I just write a bunch of stories?

In a word… no. The Writing Folio is about more than just writing creative pieces. While creative writing is definitely encouraged, students are urged to try their hand at many forms of writing: from persuasive to poetry; reports to resumés. The whole gamut of written styles and genres is open for students to experiment with and try their hand at. For more detailed information on the options available, please see the Styles section of this website.