What is a conference?

A Conference is a short meeting with your teacher to discuss the strengths of your writing and also areas for improvement. You will use a piece of writing you wish to move to High Stakes Writing (polish) as the basis of your conference. You should aim to conference with your teacher every two weeks in order to ensure you able to re-draft your pieces to perfection.

What do I need to bring to my conference?

You will need to bring with you:

  • The draft that you are moving to High Stakes Writing (polishing)
  • Pre-Conference Sheet (completed)
  • Student Conference Record Sheet

Pre-Conference Self-Evaluation Sheet

This is a document you need to complete prior to conferencing with your teacher. You will keep a bundle of these handouts in your Writing Folio, as one must be completed after each draft. The purpose of the sheet is to have you identify the areas of your writing you would like to discuss with your teacher in the conference. This includes both areas you like and feel are your strengths and areas you would like assistance from your teacher in order to improve.

Student Conference Record Sheet

You are required to keep a record of your conferences with your teacher. This is done via the Student Conference Record Sheet. You are required to keep the following information from your conference with your teacher:

  • Date of conference
  • Style of piece
  • Areas of strength in the written piece
  • Areas for improvement in the written piece
  • Specific strategies on how you will improve your writing
  • Mentor Texts you may need to consult to assist you improve

What is expected during a conference?

During a conference, the author is expected to listen carefully to the feedback the teacher is giving and note specific strategies in their Student Conference Record Sheet. It is of great importance that the teacher and the author are able to converse without interruption, so other students in the class are expected to maintain a workable volume and work towards their writing. It is best if the teacher is not disrupted during the conference, in order to help keep the conference time to no more than 5 minutes.