Thinking Thursday 29/03/18

The Commonwealth Games start on Wednesday 4th April. Lilydale High School will be represented by boxer Harry Garside and cyclist Kell O’Brian. 

Complete a Thinking Thursday entry, responding to the prompt and/or images:

“Our school values for learning include responsibility, self discipline and reflection.” Why might these values be important? Where have you shown these this term?

Brainstorm your thoughts and list possible types of writing you could draft in Writing Folio next term



Thinking Thursday 22/03/18

Focus: Making inferences

Read the following opening line of a text. Make inferences about the Person, Place and Plot using only the opening line.

“Our car boiled over again just after my mother and I crossed the Continental Divide.”

On Friday, write about the who the person is, where it is set and what is happening using evidence from the quote.