September 4th 2015

The excitement of Literacy and Numeracy week continues with the announcement this Friday of the winners of  the  stolen ring, fear of spiders, and a sinister stranger writing challenge. The competition was certainly fierce and the judges job a difficult one! But tune into Compass tomorrow for the eagerly awaited announcement!

And the fun and prizes continue unabated!

This week you need to write a sizzling start which includes these Adventurous Vocabulary words:

-poignantly  (emotionally/sensitively)

-cerulean (sky blue)

-exacerbate (to make worse)

·         Sizzling Starts start where the action starts- no boring details like waking up and getting dressed!

·         You should use descriptions of sounds, scents, facial expressions, movements

·         Try using similes, metaphors, alliteration or an onomatopoeia

·         You might want to use a ‘trick start’ or a twist that misleads the reader

Send in your Sizzling Start Friday Frenzy to for your chance to win great prizes!