January 5th 2015

Thinking Thursday:

On Thursday mornings during Form Assembly, Form Teachers present students with the Friday Frenzy prompt and spend 5 minutes getting students to think about the implications of the prompt and asking questions of it.

The purpose of Thinking Thursday is to give students time to really think about the prompt and consider how they feel about it before they have to write about it during Friday Frenzy.

Below is a reminder about the expectations of Friday Frenzy:

All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are to use the prompt to make an entry into their Writer’s Notebook Their entry should be at least 4 or 5 sentences in length. Allow about 4 – 5 minutes for students to think and write their response.  The writing is Low Stakes, meaning the students should focus on exploring the ideas that stem from the prompt, rather than focusing on other aspects of writing such as spelling, grammar and structure. If time permits, discuss students responses with them.

If students do not have their Writer’s Notebook with them or they have PE, they are to make an entry into their Planner.