“Girl Asleep” – An Australian play written by Matthew Whittet

As part of Unit 2 Theatre Studies, the students are required to present modern theatre scene interpretations and apply various production roles. This is one of their assessment tasks for Theatre Studies.

GIRL ASLEEP is about closing the doors of childhood and opening up the strange and incongruous doors of adolescence. It depicts vast changes that occur inside the minds, hearts and bodies of kids at this crazy time of life. Of how truly difficult it is to be a teenager.

Content warning: This show does include some mature themes and some dialogue includes occasional language and content that may be offensive to some audience members. The use of strobe lighting and smoke machine also occurs throughout the show. This performance is best suited to people over the age of 14.

Date: Thursday 19 October

Time: 7 pm – 9 pm

Location: Lilydale High School – Leon Bishop Performing Arts Centre

All Tickets:  $10