Wednesday 2 September is the launch of our RUOK? Day activities.

The SRC and teachers have organised a variety of activities to promote positive wellbeing and to help us stay connected during the next few weeks of remote learning.

We encourage all students to get involved in as many activities as they can and hope that they enjoy what we have organised. 

We will provide daily posts on compass to remind you of the activities taking place.

Below is a list off activities that will be running between September 2 -September 16 and the calendar outlining the dates of these activities.

  • A colouring competition
  • A lunchtime colouring Google Meet with music
  • ISO Talent competition
  • A whole school ‘Gratitude Board
  • A Double Dream Hands Dance session with Mrs McGrotty
  • Gratitude with Mr Curry
  • Calmspace online with Mr Valance
  • Mindfulness with Mr Beatson
  • An Origami/paper plane session
  • Daily tips and feelgood songs of the day
  • A couple of surprises……

All photos and competition entries can be emailed to: