‘Innovative Program Award 2019’ – Secondary WINNER

Lilydale High School – ‘Athlete Development Program’

The Athlete Development Program (ADP) offers students who have a sporting passion and talent additional periods of physical education (PE) to further develop their athletic potential, as well as tailoring the curriculum with a sporting theme in English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities to increase student engagement across all key learning areas.

The program aims to retain students at Lilydale High School and to offer them opportunities to pursue both academic and athletic excellence.

The ADP has many benefits for both the school and our students, ranging from improving their physical capabilities to their academic performance.

Ultimately the ADP creates an environment for students to strive to be their best in a supportive environment whilst making great friendships along the way.

CONGRATULATIONS LILYDALE HIGH SCHOOLExcellence in learning, resilience in life, thriving in community.