Year 9 Course of Study

Year 9 Course of Study as recommended by the Lilydale High School Council and the Curriculum Committee

Please click below for the 2017 Handbooks;

Year 9 students are required to study from each Key Learning Area (with the exception of LOTE).  The Key Learning Areas are detailed below.  In addition to meeting the requirements for each Key Learning Area, students will have two additional electives per year.  Students may use their electives to study French, Indonesian, Bridging English, Creative Writing, Public Speaking and Debate, or extra courses from PASE, The Arts or Technology, Bridging Maths, Learning to Lead, and Sustainability.


English – 5 periods per week for the year (compulsory).

Bridging English, Creative Writing and Debate, Discussion and Public Speaking are offered as electives at Year 9.


Students must take two compulsory and two elective Physical Education units per year.  Duke of Edinburgh and Athlete Development (2017) electives are offered to eligible students (application required).  Other PASE electives include Girls PE, Boys PE, Netball, Basketball, Aerobics, Racquet Sports and Court & Field.


Mathematics is compulsory each semester.  Students can choose to take Bridging Mathematics as an elective


Science is compulsory each semester.  Sustainability is offered as an elective.


Humanities is comprised of History, Geography and Economics.  Students are to take EACH of the compulsory History, Geography and Economics units this year.  Each unit is for ONE semester.  Launch into Leadership can be taken as an elective (application required).


In Year 9, students are required to take three Technology units from the list below;

  • Wood Technology*
  • Home Economics* (Semester 1)
  • Home Economics* (Semester 2)
  • Materials and Design*
  • Textiles* (Semester 1)
  • Textiles* (Semester 2)
  • Systems Technology*
  • Web Page Design
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Programming & Design
  • Game Design

Please note: * Units have a course fee payable (additional to the standard school fees) at the start of the semester.  Parents/students have four weeks to pay the associated fee.  After this time, students will be withdrawn from practical work unless special considerations have been negotiated with the Technology Coordinator.


Students are required to study one Core Arts Unit and a minimum of one Arts elective during the year.  One of these units will be compulsory, the Core Arts Unit.  Students can select Computers in Art, Ceramics, Media, Graphic Art, Drama or Music.

LANGUAGES – Elective

  • French
  • Indonesian

These units are for those students who wish to continue studying the foreign language they have been studying in Years 7 & 8.  Students are not obliged to study Language in Year 9.


Home groups will be determined by course selections and staff recommendations.  Anticipate changes.


Year 9 students have an examination period at the end of  the year.  Examinations will take place in English and Mathematics.


Formal sessions exploring examination and study skills will be conducted before the examination period.


This program is developed to foster important skills such as resilience, developing good work habits, study habits and persistence.  It also provides the chance to address the Student Code of Conduct.



A Year 9 Camp is held every year in November.