Science at Lilydale High School

By studying the vast reach of Science and its phenomena, students can infer and understand the vastness of the World around them.

At Lilydale High School, students are required to participate in a dynamic and engaging curriculum from years 7 to 10. Students can then decide if they want to continue in the five VCE subjects that are offered to them.

Junior Years (7 & 8)

Year 7 students undertake 4 units per year (1 per term)

  • Classification and Scientific Method
  • Science Skills and Laboratory safety
  • Earth Science and Precious Resources
  • Forces and Simple Machines

Year 8 students undertake 4 units per year (1 per term)

  • Cells & Systems of the body
  • Atoms, compounds & Mixtures
  • Energy Transformations & Waves
  • Geological processes & Mining in Australia

Middle School (Years 9 & 10)

Year 9 students undertake 4 units per year (1 per term)

  • Nuclear Chemistry & pH of Acids and Bases
  • Body at war and Homeostasis
  • Heat Transfer & Electricity & Light & Sound Waves
  • Plate Tectonics & Web of Life

A Sustainability elective is offered at Year 9 and this is a Semester based unit.

Year 10 students have the options to take up to three elective subjects per year. These are semester based electives.

  • Big Bang
  • Biochemistry
  • Blue Planet
  • Industrial Food Science
  • Psychology @10
  • Science is Everything & Everywhere

Year 10 students are able to request to study VCE Biology Unit 1 & 2 or VCE Environmental Science. Year 10 SEALP students are welcome to apply for any of the Unit 1 & 2 Science subjects that are offered.

All students in years 7 to 9 are required to complete 10 tasks as set out in their homework grid, which equates to one task per week/per term. SEALP, Year 10 & Sustainability students will have work set for them to complete at home, on a weekly/fortnightly basis as determined by their individual subject teacher.

Common Assessment Tasks (CATS) – every student will complete one CAT per term using the vast array of IPad and computer technology available.

The table below depicts the amount of periods, that each year level will study Science at Lilydale High School.

Year Level

Number of periods

per week

7 & 8




9 Sustainability


10 + VCE



Selective Program

Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program (SEALP) students will undertake the same curriculum as mainstream Science students (1). They will also engage in Big Science Competition (2) and Science Talent Search (3) in March and July respectively.



There are 5 subjects on offer for students entering Year 11 & Year 12;

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environment Science
  • Psychology
  • Physics

Students will be assessed by the completion of many pieces of School Assessed Coursework (SAC) and a final exam.

It is always beneficial to do the Pre-requisite units at 1 & 2 before undertaking units 3 & 4. Senior students are expected to monitor their own study habits to make sure that they are up to date with work. They must undertake at least 2 hours of reading and studying concepts each week. Students are asked to make study notes on a weekly basis and refer to them before the end of year exam.