Work Experience

At Lilydale High School, Work Experience is usually undertaken during the school holidays or towards the end of the school year after exams have finished.  Students research their own Work Experience contacts to show they are committed to the task and want to perform this activity.

As part of the Work Experience Program, students are required to show some understanding of Occupational Health and Safety issues.  Safe@work is a web-based Occupational Health and Safety Program developed by the Department of Education that all Work Experience students have to complete before placement. This program will assist students in their preparation for Work Experience and increase their awareness of Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace.

The Safe@work tests must be supervised. To book a time to complete a Safe@work test plase see the Careers Office.

Students must complete a preliminary form with Work Experience details.  The official form is then generated using this information. The official Work Experience form needs to be signed by the student, parent or guardian, the employer and finally returned to Lilydale High School for the Principal to sign.

For more information about Safe@work please click on the link below.