Thinking Thursday – May 4th

A challenge for you all this week. Take a look at this picture and then write down three separate statements. What does this image make you think? Where do your thoughts go when looking at this? Write down the first three thoughts you have. Perhaps one of them may be the beginning of your next great piece of writing!


Thinking Thursday – March 2nd

Today we would like you to think about a moment in time where you were the best version of yourself.

Perhaps you felt really confident about something, or really happy with the way you handled a situation?

Perhaps it was a special moment for you for another reason. All that matters is that you reflect on a time where you felt you were being the very best version of you.

Speak about this time with the person next to you. Tomorrow, write a few notes about that time. It just may be the basis of a great piece of writing.


February 16th 2017

Today, we’re thinking about apologies.

Why do people say they’re sorry? What does it do to the person who receives the apology? What does it do to the person who has made the apology?

On Monday, you were shown the apology given by Kevin Rudd in 2008. Today, contemplate the following quote from his apology and think about the questions outlined above.

“… simply saying that you’re sorry is such a powerful symbol. Powerful not because it represents some expiation of guilt. Powerful not because it represents any form of legal requirement. But powerful simply because it restores respect.” Rudd, 2008