Dear LHS Community 

As the end of a very long term draws to a close, I want to again thank and acknowledge the way in which everyone has responded to this very challenging time.  The messages of support and encouragement have been greatly appreciated by myself and the staff, and we have had overwhelmingly positive feedback from the 3 Way Conferencing phone calls that took place on Thursday. Thank you to parents/carers and students who made this a positive experience for everyone. 

Our aim has always been to place the wellbeing of our students first, young people don’t thrive if this is not the number one priority.  We can, and will, catch up with any skill development over the course of the next few months and we will guide students through the coming weeks to make a successful transition to the next phase of their education. We are very much looking forward to having them back onsite amongst their friends, classmates and teachers.

As always, as soon as I become aware officially of any new information regarding onsite return dates, I will make sure everyone is promptly informed. 

At this stage nothing has changed since my last communication to you:

  • VCE students studying a Unit 3-4 subject will be onsite for the GAT on Wednesday October 7.
  • VCE students and Year 10 students studying a VCE subject begin onsite classes on Monday October 12.
  • Years 7 to 10 students continue with remote learning from October 5 and at this stage, return to onsite learning on Monday October 26.

STEAM Queens

STEAM Queens


On Tuesday 15 September, we were waiting anxiously for this online session to start; a group of female Scientists from NASA discussing their pathways and role now at Langley, California, USA.

RMIT project officers with STEM backgrounds connected with Laura Judd (STEM, Research Scientist). Marilee who is one of the Managers who coordinates the International Space Station (ISS) and Jamie who is a Missions Operational Manager logged into a virtual panel and talked about how they achieved their dream jobs and the challenges they faced as women in a (not so now) male dominated field.

The main take home message for me was “find people who support you, do not listen to people that will dampen your dream, find someone who will stand with you to get to where you want to go”.

The STEAM Queens asked questions which were shared with 171 other students from different schools in Victoria.

A big thank you to Ms Thompson who allowed us to attend, Ms Bjarnelind for passing this opportunity on for us and Ms Barr for sharing this experience with us.

The STEAM Queens and I were so inspired, we jumped onto our Google Meet straight afterwards and we discussed what we loved. One of the girls is even thinking about changing her subject choices – oops! Sorry Mr Toma.

Here are their comments: 

Alesia JENSEN 10:25 am

Today we participated in an online interview with NASA Scientists. These women are amazing and talented. Hearing them speak about their jobs and experiences was an amazing opportunity for us to think about our future careers and the steps we need to take to achieve them.

Harmony RAY 10:30 am

Watching the NASA live stream was really inspiring. I loved how they talked about their backstory and how they got into NASA and when and why they chose to work in.

Charley NUGENT 10:22 AM

This morning during the women in NASA live stream, I was so interested in learning about their journeys and their experiences in a male dominated industry.


Today the STEAM Queens were able to meet with women who worked at NASA. It was an amazing experience and I loved listening to their stories and learning from them.

Mackenzie REID 10:19 am

This morning we went to a NASA meeting and we watched women who work at NASA. They told us about their journey and the struggles they had!

Ms BARR 10:11 am 

Wow! I wish I saw this when I was younger, I actually wish I was younger. How impressive were they and also gems of wisdom and support. Favourites – just love it, expect positive intentions, and of course small-town success.

Julie Colyer

Learning Specialist – S.T.E.A.M.



Update as at Friday 18 September

While the Reptile Room ticked along in maintenance mode, the Zoological Centre has progressed in leaps and bounds despite the labour force being reduced and the finish date, being extended into November.

The crocodile tank is more than half completed with the pool shell in place, the dry deck complete and walls up. 

Falcon Pools have done an amazing job making sure that Leo and Cleo the crocodiles, have all they need in their new home. 

The rest of the building has come a long way with the majority of the work on the building complete. 

The internal fit out of lighting and fixtures is well underway and with the ceiling now in as well as a lot of the internal infrastructure in place, the new Zoology Centre is really starting to take shape.

Marcus Whitby



Chromebook orders will need to be made through our school approved supplier portal JB Hi-Fi.  This is because the device comes preconfigured to connect to Lilydale High School’s wireless network, printing system and school domain, providing access to specific apps and updates.  

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Lilydale High School welcomes prospective families to take the VIRTUAL TOUR of our school to see what Lilydale High School has to offer your son or daughter.

Parents and carers are also invited to phone the school on 9735 5644 for further information.

Wendy Powson