All members of the Lilydale High School community are invited to submit nominations for the school council elections of 2020. 


There are three (3) two year vacancies for Parent/Guardian members of Council.

There are two (2) two year vacancies for members of staff who are employed by the Department of Education and Training.

There are no (0) vacancies for student members. 


Nominations are invited from members of the Lilydale High School community for the above positions.

Nominations will open on Monday 17 February and close at 4 pm on Monday 24th February 2020.  Nomination forms can be obtained from the school office, school website, or on Compass.  Please note that there are two types of nomination forms:  one for self-nomination and the other for nomination by another parent member.  Only one form is required to be lodged.

A list of candidates and nominators will be posted at the school and on Compass on Wednesday 26th February 2020.

New members to council are most welcome. School Council meetings are usually held at 6.00 pm on the second Tuesday of each month in the Conference Room at the school. 


If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies and an election is required, ballot papers will be prepared and distributed via Compass on or before Monday 2nd March 2020. 

Votes may be cast at the school office any time up to and including Tuesday 10th March 2020 between the hours of 9 am to 4 pm.

Votes may also lodged by post or hand delivered provided they reach the school by 4 pm on 10th March 2020.

Please give this matter your careful consideration.

LHS School Council Elections 2020