Year 12 VCE Theatre Studies students PRESENT….

Leading Ladies is the tale of two struggling British Shakespearean actors, touring the US. Their two man shows are terrible and they’re about to return to England when they read in the local paper of an elderly woman on her death bed, trying desperately to get in touch with her estranged sister’s children to leave them her enormous inheritance. Using their incredible acting skills (according to them anyway) they decide to impersonate the heirs to this fortune and change their lives.

This performance is entirely produced by our Year 12 VCE Theatre Studies students. It makes for a large percentage of their Unit 3 result. Each student is responsible for two production areas, so what you will see is not just the work of student actors, but also directors and designers in costume, make up, props, set, sound and lighting.

  • Thursday 2 May – 7 pm
  • Friday 3 May- 7 pm
  • LHS Performing Arts Theatre

BOOK TICKETS HERE    Students $10, Adults $12